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Next-Generation Trusted Custom Microelectronics

Mercury is extending its industry-leading capabilities in trusted custom microelectronics to deliver the most innovative commercial silicon technology to aerospace and defense – fast and affordably, assured. From chip-scale to system-scale.

Rapidly Changing Silicon Landscape

Silicon manufacturing is rapidly changing. The DoD is struggling to keep up with the pace of commercial innovation and is looking to industry to provide solutions that are agile and innovative, while remaining secure and cost effective.

Defense Community Turning Inward

Increasingly tense geopolitical circumstances have led the DoD to turn to domestic sources for key technologies, particularly those susceptible to electronic attacks, monitoring, and/or other vulnerabilities. The DoD needs partners they can trust to deliver the secure solutions they need.

Fast · Flexible · Fit for Purpose

  • Up to 4X reduction in lead-time
  • 1000s of customizable configurations
  • Purpose-built for reliable performance

All possible using the power of game-changing chiplet technology coupled
with our next-generation trusted custom microelectronics capabilities

Architecting the Ideal Solution

We are investing in the most innovative commercial silicon technologies to make fast, affordable, secure and trusted chip-scale, open system architecture accessible to aerospace and defense.

Our game-changing technology makes leading-edge commercial semiconductors available in the smallest form factors (chip scale), delivering edge-processing aerospace and defense-ready applications with SWaP optimization, safety, security and ruggedness.

Leveraging our proven expertise in the worlds of silicon integration, embedded security and trusted manufacturing, we can act as the conduit between the commercial sector and the defense industry to deliver long-term, trusted supply continuity thereby accelerating DoD technology adoption. At Mercury we are relentlessly committed to Innovation that Matters®.

Defense News’ Outlook 2020

Ever wonder what over 25 of the world’s leading experts on security predict the future will hold?  To find out what political and industry leaders from Russia, Germany, Italy, S. Korea, Japan, France, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, just to name a few, think will transpire in 2020, read Defense News’ Outlook 2020 – featuring our own Mark Aslett who shares his thoughts around “Microelectronics for a new global landscape".

Blog: Delivering Trusted & Game-Changing Technology: Observations From AUSA 2019

Read Mercury CEO Mark Aslett's most recent blog post on Mercury System's investment in secure microelectronics capabilities and why this is this most exciting time for the defense industry.

Blog: An Emerging Opportunity in Custom Microelectronics

Read Mercury CTO Dr. Bill Conley’s recent blog on his journey to join the private sector after a ten-year career in public sector defense industry positions – and how that connects to our custom microelectronics investment.


WATCH: Check out our own Dr. Bill Conley, CTO, talking to Defense News at AUSA about how the commercial sector is outpacing DOD in supply chain investment.

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