AVR8345 Digital Video Recorder


AVR8345 Video Recorder

The AVR8345 is a 4th generation, single-channel digital video recorder which steps the Mercury Systems Video Recorder product line into both analog and serial digital interface (SDI), high definition (HD) video recording in a compact Dzus-style housing. The HD-SDI side supports 720p50 and 60 Hz signals. This highly capable video recorder captures a wide range of signals required by military and other platforms.

Event marking, image snapshots, remote operation and playback are just a few of the advanced features available with this unit in addition to all standard features such as record, stop, pause, and play. A simple user interface using PLAY – STOP – RECORD operation ensures easy, reliable operation. Fully MIL-qualified and field-proven, this rugged video recorder offers up to 3 SD inputs and 1 HD input as well as HD and SD outputs for loop-through video operations. It is an ideal solution for tactical aircraft operators needing a reliable method of recording HD video.

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The AVR8345 has a mode control knob that allows users to choose one of three modes:

  1. PLAY: Allows the playback of previously recorded files.
  2. STOP: Ends a playback or recording.
  3. RECORD: Allows the user to record video.


The AVR8345 provides extensive system information by accessing the Status Menu, including memory, system, and logs. Shown here is the System Submenu, which provides information on voltage, recorder runtime, and software version inflation.


With the mode control knob on PLAY, files will automatically display on the monitor, allowing the operator to choose a file for playback. The file name, time played, total time, and file location are shown during playback














Products formerly Avalex

Model AVR8345

Width (in)

  • 5.75

Height (in)

  • 1.5

Depth (in)

  • 7

Weight (lb)

  • 1.5

Video Resolution Supported

  • HD-SDI: 720 @ 25, 29.97, 20, 50, 59.94, 60 FPS (SMPTE-292), NTSC: 720 x 480, PAL: 720 x 576

Data I/O

  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) 1 port

Video I/O

  • HD-SDI Video 1 in / 1 out, RS-170A 3 in / 1 out

Audio I/O

  • Mono 2 in / 1 out


Internal Storage

  • 16GB

Removable Storage Media

  • 2.5" SATA SSD, SD Card, USB


  • NVIS-B Compatible

Storage Temperature Range

  • -55˚C to +85°C

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40˚C to +55˚C (+71˚C for 30 minutes)

Input Voltage

  • 28 VDC


  • 28VDC / 5VDC / 5VAC


  • MIL-STD-461


Analyze in-flight video 

Simultaneously capture, record and analyze multiple mission video streams from aircraft sensors and systems with Mercury's digital video recorders.