DO-178C Software Development

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DO-178 Software Development Expertise for Your Entire Project Lifecycle

Mercury has a well-established engineering team with a wealth of experience customizing DO-178C software development solutions for avionics manufacturers across the globe. We use best-in-class tools and methods to maximize efficiency while minimizing risk. Our extensive knowledge spans the entire software development lifecycle from design to certification and can be applied to full or partial projects.

Our safety-critical solutions significantly reduce costs and time to market by leveraging our extensive proprietary software IP, proven safety-critical software engineering methodologies, and adaptable software development tool chains. We provide reliable software services by using a fully documented software development lifecycle to meet DO-178C Level A that can be tailored to meet any specific requirements.

Our engineering team has a wide range of experience using ARINC 653 architectures and real-time operating systems including Green Hills® Software INTEGRITY™ tuMP™, Wind River™ VxWorks®, and DDC-I DEOS™. We utilize UML, Agile Development and Scrum methodologies coupled with extensive use of superior COTS development tools for the ultimate flexibility and lowest risk.

Full requirements and test traceability are maintained using the OnTime project management or DOORS tools. We also utilize various test tools including Understand, PCLint®, LDRA, and Test RealTime to gain the required static and dynamic coverage analysis.

Utilizing our dynamic software development services provides a reliable, consistent result – an effectively planned, properly governed, and successfully completed safety-critical project that meets stringent DO-178 guidelines.

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  • Custom software engineering
  • Creation of all certification evidence
  • Support through all levels of audit
  • Design and consultation
  • Test development
  • Test execution and performing Run-For-Score (RFS)
  • System integration

Full or partial DO-178B/C software development  and certification up to Level A for any avionics project from initiation to launch


Accelerate Subsystem Development

Streamline safety-critical system development and the certification process with DO-254 / DO-178 design assurance checklists, guided assessments, and hardware and software artifacts.



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