DO-178C and DO-254 Development Reference

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Certification Checklists

Mercury Systems has developed a full suite of avionics certification checklists and supporting documents, which support any DO-178C and DO-254 project up to and including Design Assurance Level (DAL) A. These documents and checklists are project proven and have been accepted and approved by DER/FAA (8110.49) and (8110.105). The following development documents, templates, and checklists are available with or without making use of our supplementary software or hardware engineering services. Contact us today for custom packages that fully support your needs.

DO-178C Avionics Certification Checklists

Project Development Documents

  • PSAC Plan for Software Aspects of Certification
  • SDP Software Development Plan
  • SVP Software Verification Plan
  • SCMP Software Configuration Management Plan
  • SQAP Software Quality Assurance Plan
  • SRD Software Requirements Data
  • SDD Software Design Description
  • SVCP Software Verification Cases and Procedures
  • SVR Software Verification Results
  • SECI Software Environment Configuration Index
  • SCI Software Configuration Index
  • STQ Software Tool Qualification Data
  • SAS Software Accomplishment Summary

Project/Company Standards

  • SRS Software Requirements Standards
  • SDS Software Design Standard
  • SCS Software Code Standards

Checklists are available for the following items:

  • Software Reviews (5 Lists)
  • Planning Documents (5 Lists)
  • Software Documents (8 Lists)
  • Phase Transitions (12 Lists)
  • Traceability (1 List)
  • Baseline Reviews (1 List)
DO-254 Avionics Certification Checklists

Project Development Documents

  • PHAC Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification
  • HDP Hardware Development Plan
  • HVP Hardware Verification Plan
  • HCMP Hardware Configuration Management Plan
  • HPAP Hardware Process Assurance Plan
  • HRD Hardware Requirements Data
  • HDD Hardware Design Data
  • HVCP Hardware Verification Cases and Procedures
  • HVR Hardware Verification Results
  • HECI Hardware Environment Configuration Index
  • BCR Baseline Configuration Report
  • HCI Hardware Configuration Index
  • HTQ Hardware Tool Qualification Data
  • HAS Hardware Accomplishment Summary

Project/Company Standards

  • HRS Hardware Requirements Standards
  • HDS Hardware Design Standards
  • VVS Validation and Verification Standards
  • HS Hardware Archive Standards

Checklists are available for the following items:

  • Hardware Reviews (5 Lists)
  • Planning Documents (5 Lists)
  • Hardware Document (8 Lists)
  • Phase Transitions (12 Lists)
  • Traceability (1 List)
  • Baseline Reviews (1 List)


Accelerate Subsystem Development

Streamline safety-critical system development and the certification process with DO-254 / DO-178 design assurance checklists, guided assessments, and hardware and software artifacts.



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