Switch Matrices

Broadband and rugged to bring custom RF performance to harsh environments

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Mercury System’s family of rugged, custom-designed switch matrices are available in rigid PCB construction, module-based packages, or rack-mount solutions. Each switch matrix is a highly integrated, SWaP-optimized assembly consisting of an assortment of switches, filters, amplifiers, attenuators, limiters, and drivers. The result is high speed channel selection, high isolation, high linearity, and low insertion loss.

Capability highlights:

  • From 10MHz to 40GHz
  • Position indicating, BIT circuitry
  • Input/output power detection, switched attenuators
  • On-board PC power conditioning

Integrated Manufacturing

Reduce Risk with Automated RF Manufacturing

Utilizing the latest in automated RF manufacturing, we make production of cutting-edge technology scalable and repeatable, supporting your ramp to full-rate production while reducing risk. With 250,000 square feet of flexible manufacturing capability, we ensure delivery of high-volume high-quality product.  



An overview of Mercury’s broad RF and microwave solutions including compact components and highly integrated, modular assemblies.

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Learn how Mercury Systems can leverage its 40 years of space heritage to deliver the product you need for your space application.

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Learn how our RF, mixed-signal, and packaging teams work together to develop the SpectrumSeries™ Multiband Platform, an extremely compact architecture for next-generation smart bullets.

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