FXT Frequency Extension Units

The FXT product family can extend block upconverters & downconverters to cover input & output ranges from 18GHz to 50GHz.

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Expand your tunable bandwidth 

The FXT frequency extension units product family extends block upconverters and downconverters to cover input and output ranges from 18 GHz to as high as 50 GHz to maximize system performance. Units come in four form factors including rackmount, small form factor, outdoor and ATR to bring greater scalability, modularity and simplicity to a variety of environments. 


  • Available in four form factors
    • FXTR: rackmount
    • FXTX: compact
    • FXTC: outdoor-rated enclosure
    • FXTA: ruggedized ATR
  • Pairs with Mercury downconverters and upconverters
    • Links via sync cable
  • Two standard input ranges:
    • 18–40 GHz  (extends 0.5–18 GHz tuner range)
    • 26.5–50 GHz  (extends 0.5–26.5 GHz tuner range)
  • Can be used independently or with other tuners
  • Convenient bypass path
  • Built-in LO
  • Accepts external reference
  • Available in single- or dual-coherent versions


Enhance your tuner range without the cost of a full tuner and add an extender at a later date as your missions and budgets change


Fit every mission and environmental need with a choice from four different form factors and a mix-and-match setup allowing different extension units to be paired with any Mercury tuner


Pair with your Mercury tuner to leverage a single user interface across your system with auto-sense and sync, creating easy connection establishment




Specification Downconverter Upconverter
Millimeter ranges 18–40 GHz, 26.5–50 GHz 18–40 GHz, 26.5–50 GHz
Tuner ranges (and bypass range) 0.5–18 GHz, 0.5–26.5 GHz 0.5–18 GHz, 0.5–26.5 GHz
Conversion type Block down Block up
Local oscillator Included Included
Reference, external 100 MHz 100 MHz
User interface From tuner From tuner
Indicators LO alarm, sync status LO alarm, sync status
Band switching TTL, GUI TTL, GUI
FXTR Rackmount Models Single Channel Dual Channel
Downconverter FXTR-35 FXTR-35-C
Upconverter FXTR-45 FXTR-45-C
Up/Downconverter FXTR-55 FXTR-55-C


FXTX Compact Models Single Channel Dual Channel
Downconverter FXTX-35 FXTX-35-C
Upconverter FXTX-45 FXTX-45-C
Up/Downconverter FXTX-55 FXTX-55-C


FXTC Outdoor Models Single Channel Dual Channel
Downconverter FXTC-35 FXTC-35-C
Upconverter FXTC-45 FXTC-45-C
Up/Downconverter FXTC-55 FXTC-55-C


FXTA ATR Models Single Channel Dual Channel
Downconverter FXTA-35 FXTA-35-C
Upconverter FXTA-45 FXTA-45-C
Up/Downconverter FXTA-55 FXTA-55-C

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