Enabling the Army to get higher performance and SWaP optimization in a smaller footprint

August 1, 2022

Live from the International Armored Vehicle Show in Austin, Texas, discover how Mercury is enabling the #army to get higher performance and #SWaP optimization in a smaller footprint when 3U VPX is not an ideal fit. #IAV22 What challenges are specific to Army ground operations? Performance and capability challenges in field operations require specific compute and processing solutions, that not only satisfy size weight and power needs, but must also be rugged enough to function reliably in demanding environments. What products does Mercury offer that serve Army ground operations challenges? Mercury offers many different products and capabilities across our different business units. Typical form factors are #VPX, small form factor, rackmount, high-density #servers and even custom products. Within those products, we're bringing a focus on open standards and enhanced security to the market—a cornerstone of Mercury products across our offerings. Learn More: Product: NANOPAK i7 Intel® 6th generation Core™ processor -- https://www.mrcy.com/products/rugged-servers-and-subsystems/rugged-small-form-factor-computers/nanopak-i7-sff-computer Data Sheet: NanoSWITCH™ Rugged Small Form Factor 10/16 Port GigE Ethernet Switch -- https://www.mrcy.com/application/files/9516/4494/9191/3416.01E-0518-ds-NanoSwitch.pdf Products: Rugged Rack Servers -- https://www.mrcy.com/products/rugged-servers-and-subsystems/rugged-edge-servers/rack-servers Products: Compact and Small Servers -- https://www.mrcy.com/products/rugged-servers-and-subsystems/rugged-edge-servers/compact-and-small-servers WHO WE ARE •About Us: https://www.mrcy.com/company •Our Capabilities: https://www.mrcy.com/capabilities •Our Products: https://www.mrcy.com/products ADDITIONAL RESOURCES •White papers, webinars, articles and more: https://www.mrcy.com/resourcehub FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA •LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mercury-systems •Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrcy/

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