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Secure Sensor and Mission Processing

Mercury leverages the best commercial technology from the U.S. industrial base and deftly packages it into rugged and affordable open systems architecture building blocks. Collectively these building blocks form Mercury's Ensemble® suite of solutions. To support all phases of the sensor processing chain, Ensemble building blocks are highly-configurable and interoperable. Ensemble building blocks include Intel® Xeon® server-class, GPGPU and FPGA processing resources for OpenVPXTM and AdvancedTCATM open system architectures.

Ensemble Xeon server-class general processing building blocks scale to form the most powerful cloud processing capabilities at the tactical edge and are ideally suited to on-platform exploitation. GPGPU resources are ideally suited to massive parallel processing applications where latency may be less critical. For critical, low-latency and programmable/upgradable processing requirements, our FPGA building blocks are powerful resources, which also support Mercury's Protocol Offload Engine Technology (POETTM). POET hosts the switch fabric firmware and may be architected to support third party IP and security customization for personalized System Integrity. Being FPGA-based, applications may be updated as required and switch fabrics may even be changed without any hardware modifications.

Digital processing technology is increasingly a product of globalization. Mercury designs and builds all our digital processing solutions in the USA, from material sourced from trusted suppliers. Our commitment to American innovation and a suite of customizable IP that supports our customers' security requirements enables us to build solutions with the highest System Integrity.

Mercury Systems pioneered many of today's de-facto rugged embedded computing modular open system architectures. We introduced the first effective real-time embedded switch fabric, Serial RapidIO® (VITA 42.2) and drove OpenVPXTM (ANSI/VITA 65) which is the open system architecture of choice for modular, rugged embedded digital processing with industry-wide support.

Mercury's cooling technology is the most efficient available for reliable heat removal that extends mean time between failures (MTBF). Air Flow-ByTM (VITA 48.7) and Liquid Flow-ByTM (VITA 48.4) are key Mercury technologies that support rugged Xeon server-class general processing and enable cloud capabilities to go to the tactical edge, even in the harshest environments and highest altitudes. Mercury's rugged packaging reduces the volume that a Xeon-class device requires through ball grid array (BGA) and other SWaP-enhancing technologies, giving Mercury's Ensemble products a very low-SWaP envelope.

Server-class cloud processing requires the fastest switch fabrics, which can be stifled by OpenVPX's rugged interconnects. Mercury's system-wide signal channel tuning technology counters interconnect bottlenecks to deliver unencumbered data rates of 40Gb/s and above. Combined, Mercury's scalable, rugged sensor chain processing capabilities enable full-throttle server-class-level cloud processing at the tactical edge and have the highest system integrity.