A new identity for the
Mercury brand

Reflecting our transformation as a leading technology company

At Mercury, we believe the world needs technology that makes it a safer and more secure place. As our business transforms to deliver on this Vision, our brand and visual identity are changing, too.

Human and future forward

Mercury has evolved as a technology leader. We make trusted, secure technology profoundly more accessible to aerospace and defense. Our brand voice has evolved as well – to one that is more human and forward leaning, articulating our position at the intersection of high tech and defense and bringing into focus the people we ultimately serve.

Bold, human, accessible

Our new wordmark completes our brand transformation. Our former dark blue logo morphs to a blue-to-teal spectrum to simulate change. Rounded lower-case letters form a unique font that communicates confidence and accessibility — a nod to both our culture and our responsibility to serve humanity.

See below for a blog on our brand transformation from our CMO.


Our Purpose, Innovation That Matters, By and For People Who Matter, puts people at the center, underscoring how important it is that we live and model our Culture and Values every day. Now our brand, including our new wordmark, reflects these same core beliefs.

As I see it, the three core elements of our brand are: 1/ looking forward with our investment in innovation that delivers trusted high-performance processing solutions to our customers in a way that is open, relevant, timely, future-proofed and affordable; 2/ the importance of putting people at the center of everything we do; and 3/ our role as a technology leader at the intersection of high tech and defense. 

The Innovation Window is integral to our brand voice conveying a future-forward company that has transformed to adapt and develop cutting-edge commercial technologies, such as custom microelectronics, and deliver them trusted and secure to our aerospace and defense customers.

I cannot say this enough: it is people who create value in our products and solutions for all of Mercury’s stakeholders. We have always been a WHY company, focused not only on what we make, but why we make it. And the why that our people embrace is to create cutting-edge technology solutions that we know are helping to make the world a safer, more secure place for all humanity.


Stephanie Georges, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Mercury, explains why Mercury has chosen to evolve our brand now.