Land, Sea, Air, Space and Cyberspace, Mercury has a proven solution

We bring some of the most advanced technologies to every corner of the globe and into space. Mercury solutions are embedded in more than 300 commercial and defense programs in aerospace, transportation, military, and security and intelligence across ​​​​Land, Sea, Air, Space and Cyberspace.



On land, Mercury’s rugged, secure open-architecture solutions support multi-domain operations, including command and control, mission computing, sensor processing, displays, RF and microwave. We help customers solve the challenges of ground force situational awareness, long-range communications, ground-based radar and weapon systems processing. Our offerings extend beyond defense applications supporting automotive, Formula 1 racing, mass transit, first responders, power grid control and broadcasting solutions. Explore Our Land Solutions.



For centuries, sea power has been critical to maintaining a safe, secure and connected world. Mercury provides affordable, high-performance, secure defense solutions for naval platforms. Our superior processing and mixed-signal and microwave components protect highly sensitive missions and power commercial solutions for shipping, oil and gas platforms, and underwater telecommunications. Explore Our Sea Solutions.



Mercury’s open-architecture solutions span military and commercial aviation, navigation, unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and helicopters. Our secure airborne capabilities include mission computing, safety-critical avionics, displays, processing, RF and radar. We tailor the latest Silicon Valley technology for rugged, secure, Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)-optimized airborne solutions. Explore Our Air Solutions.



For more than 35 years, Mercury has held an unsurpassed leadership position in the design and manufacturing of space-qualified components and assemblies for defense primes, government agencies, the scientific community and commercial customers. We have delivered more than 20,000 space-qualified devices with no in-flight failures. Our custom microelectronics solutions are radiation-tolerant and purpose-built to operate in the harsh environment of space, including satellite and launch vehicle programs as well as every Mars Rover expedition. Explore Our Space Solutions.



Security of critical platforms, systems and servers is no longer an option, it’s a must-have. Mercury’s advanced embedded security is built in, not bolted on to deliver uncompromised solutions in the face of growing cyber threats. Manufactured in trusted Mercury facilities, which earn superior ratings in all aspects of industrial security, our cybersecurity and electronic warfare technologies are helping to ensure a safer, more secure world. Explore Our Cyberspace Solutions.


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