Deliver Uncompromised

Deliver Uncompromised building blocks

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Digital Transformation:

Our digital transformation for engineering combines DevSecOps, Agile Principles, Cloud Native Architecture and Digital Thread (see below for details on each). All four leverage leading commercial cloud and product development technologies, an integral component of Mercury’s commitment to making technology trusted, secure and profoundly more accessible to aerospace and defense. 


    •   Unification of Development, Security and Operations

    •   Automated functional and non-functional testing 

    •   Automate, monitor and apply security at all phases of the software lifecycle

    •   Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) implemented for all software and firmware development

Agile Principles

    •   SAFe (Scalable Agile Framework)

    •   Agile practices incorporated across all software/firmware engineering

    •   Appropriate Agile principles implemented for hardware development

    •   Rapid prototyping

Cloud Native Architecture

    •   Microservices-based architecture

    •   Infrastructure development such that high-performance computing readily available 

    •   Utilization of common engineering development tools 

    •   Containerized system tools

    •   Enhanced scalability and availability of tools and applications

Digital Thread

    •   Model-Based Systems Engineering

    •   Integrated Solution Modeling Ecosystem

    •   Combined industrial IoT and PLM/ERP/MES

    •   Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques



Application-Ready Subsystems

Holistic, application-ready avionic and electronic warfare solutions, purpose-built for your mission.


Rugged Servers and Subsystems

Rugged subsystems engineered to bring the latest Silicon Valley technology to every inhospitable corner of the globe.


Processing and I/O Boards

Rugged, secure and safety-certifiable embedded boards that are quick to deploy and readily refreshable.


Microelectronic Components

Trusted system-in-package solutions, high-density memory and secure SSDs optimized for the edge.