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MultiCore Plus MathPack

Product Description

MultiCore Plus MathPack with MultiCore SAL (MC SAL), MultiCore Vector Signal Image Processing Library (MC VSIPL), SAL, VSIPL single-core libraries and ā€œCā€ language implementation of SAL (CSAL).

Supports heterogeneous computation resources, such as CPUs and GPUs, in a single application

Multicore Libraries

  • Optimized scientific libraries for GPP and GPU processors
  • MultiCore SAL
  • MultiCore VSIPL

Single-core Libraries

  • CSAL ā€œCā€ source code for all SAL APIs
  • SAL with select optimizations for single core
  • VSIPL-Lite Plus over SAL (where optimized) or CSAL


Exploit optimized and portable Scientifi c Libraries for Intel, PowerPC and NVIDIA parallel processors

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