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CPU-based OpenGL library for the highest DAL level and scalable multi-core performace

Product Summary

Military & Aerospace Gold Product Award

The Mercury BuiltSAFEā„¢ Multi-Core Renderer is an OpenGL graphics software library tailored for high-performance in the highest DAL-level safety-critical environments. Part of the BuiltSAFE Graphics Suite, this efficient, small footprint software library performs software-based graphics rasterizing in embedded systems that employ both general purpose and safety critical systems using a single, consistent API. The multi-core implementation overcomes the performance issues typically associated with software-only graphics solutions. Certifiable to DO-178C Level A, this OpenGL software graphics renderer is designed to be deployed in aerospace and defense systems and other environments where performance and reliability are critical.

The BuiltSAFE GS Multi-Core Renderer features unique, optimized software rasterizing algorithms and advanced technology that supports high-fidelity, real-time graphics applications on embedded computing platforms not equipped with GPUs or integrated graphics acceleration. The renderer reduces the risk and cost associated with graphic hardware components while providing a superior obsolescence management approach and easy system upgrade.



Software Rendering Solutions Datasheet Request More Information