Networking – Fast, Secure, Trusted, and Open

Not all Ethernet is created equal.  Mercury goes well beyond basic Ethernet networking to accelerate performance and provide an open, trusted software stack. Optional Ethernet solution enhancements include personalized system security and safety certifiable endpoints. Together this set of features makes Mercury's Ethernet switches, controllers, and endpoints the best networking solution for the control plane, data plane, and even sensor IO.

Featured Products

ENSEMBLE® 3000 Series SFM3010 Switch Fabric Module   3U OpenVPX Serial RapidIO & Ethernet managed switch ENSEMBLE® 6000 Series SFM6100 Switch Fabric Module   6U OpenVPX Serial RapidIO & Ethernet managed switch

Fast: Zero-Copy Protocol Offload Engine

Mercury’s Protocol Offload Engine Technology (POET) creates a high-performance bridge between sensors, processors, and networks based on open technology standards such as Ethernet and PCI Express.  This low-latency, high-bandwidth connection provides zero-copy RDMA message-passing support with application buffers to accelerate application performance.

Secure: FPGA-based Security

The POET networking bridge is hosted in an FPGA that can support third party IP and security customization for personalized system security. In response to new threat profiles, the FPGA can be updated over time to incorporate new security techniques.

Trusted: Software Stack

Mercury’s Made in America initiative provides a trusted software stack that is designed, developed, and tested in the USA by US personnel in trusted, secure US facilities that are DMEA certified. The available software stack ranges from FPGA IP and firmware to a high-performance hypervisor and system management. The network stack is available for inspection by US government agencies to assure the integrity of the software.

Open: Standard APIs for Networking

Open Fabrics Alliance
Open MPI
Open networking APIs enable applications to be written to an abstraction layer that allows for applications and the networking technologies to evolve at their own pace, without code porting or performance degradation. Mercury supports Sockets, SNMP, TCP/UDP, Open Fabrics Interface (OFI), OpenMPI, and Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED). Additionally, we offer a middleware library called ICS, which delivers data movement and remote buffer management with performance differentiation across multiple HW generations. 

Safe: Safety-Certifiable Ethernet

For safety-critical applications such as primary flight control units, flight test computers, mission computers, command and control processors, and platform management, Mercury offers safety-certifiable Ethernet solutions as part of our Mission Computing product line.

Ethernet for All 

Ethernet-based networking is at the heart of Mercury products and is part of our broader Ethernet solution set. 

Control Plane

Ethernet SubsystemsAll of Mercury’s OpenVPX, ATCA, and secure rack server configurations support Gigabit Ethernet as the control plane. The control plane is managed by system controller hub functions on boards such as the 3U SCH3000 and SFM3010, and the 6U SFM6100.

Data Plane 

Ensemble 6000 Series SFM6102 and SFM6104 6U OpenVPX and 8000 Series SFM8104 ATCA switch fabric modules support 10Gbit Ethernet on the data plane. Our switch fabric implementations utilize micro via radial technology to increase signal integrity threefold for higher reliability across greater signal lengths and larger backplanes.

Sensor IO

10Gbit Ethernet for sensor I/O is supported by the IOM200 and IOM300 XMC IO modules as well as the RTM-30P 3U rear transition module.