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Performance Embedded Switch Fabrics

Our design approach to subsystem fabrication enables PCIe gen-4, 100 Gbps Ethernet and InfiniBand switch fabrics to run across OpenVPX processing subsystems. This robust modelling and design for performance capabilities produce higher fidelity transmission lines that mitigate signal channel limitations enabling next-generation data rates while remaining compliant with OSAs including VITA 68.2 (signal channel compliance) and VITA 65 (OpenVPX). The resulting high-integrity transmission lines deliver sustained data rates of 100 Gbps and beyond with extremely low bit error rates. Our approach is so robust that it delivers consistent performance across a broad temperature range, making it ideal for embedding into rugged defense applications, including AI.


Typical 100Gbps signal profile measurement taken from next generation OpenVPX backplane

Open system architecture and standard APIs

Our use of open networking APIs means applications can be written to an abstraction layer enabling applications and networking technologies to evolve at their own pace, without code porting or performance degradation. Mercury solutions support Sockets, SNMP, TCP/UDP, Open Fabrics Interface (OFI), OpenMPI, and Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED). To augment these APIs, Mercury’s Inter-processor Communication System (ICS) middleware library optimizes data movement and remote buffer management with performance differentiation across multiple hardware generations. 

Sofware Defined / Built-in Security

Optionally, our customers may select software-defined fabrics that create a high-performance bridge between sensors, processors and networks based on open technology standards including Ethernet and PCIe. This high-bandwidth connection provides zero-copy RDMA message-passing support with application buffers to accelerate application performance. These solutions are FPGA-hosted and support third party IP and security customization for personalized systems security engineering.

Built-in Trust

Mercury’s software stack is designed, developed and tested in the USA by US personnel in secure and trusted DMEA facilities. Our software stack range from FPGA IP and firmware to a high-performance hypervisor and system management. Our US developed network stack is available for inspection by US government agencies to assure the integrity of this and other Mercury developed software.


We leverage the latest ASIC switching technology from Mellanox and software defined switch fabric bridges for low latency subsystem inter-module data transfers, which is ideally suited to large sensor array processing, sensor fusion and AI applications.

Safety Certification

For safety-critical applications including flight and mission computing, and other deterministic effector control applications, we have developed safety-certifiable Ethernet solutions, which form part of our Mission Computing product line.

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