Application-Ready Subsystems

Holistic, application-ready avionic and electronic warfare solutions, purpose-built for your mission.

Integrated solutions, purpose-built to bring cutting-edge technology to mission-critical applications

Rapidly deploying the most advanced capabilities requires technology platforms with the performance for today’s needs and the flexibility to meet future demands.

From spectrum processing to command and control. We leverage open architecture technology and a modular design approach to offer some of the most scalable application-ready modules and systems. From avionics to electronic warfare, our products power your mission.


Accelerate Technology Adoption from RF to Digital

The pace of today's technology development means the traditional approach of custom-designed components, modules and subsystems is too slow. By adopting a modular open systems architecture approach (MOSA), we deliver the latest capabilities at the speed of relevance.  



Address Future Demands with Scalable and Safety-Certifiable Subsystems

Long-term success hinges on the ability to preempt future threats and maintain competitive advantage. Our mission-critical solutions provide aerospace and defense customers access to the latest technologies for rapid, agile and scalable safety-certifiable subsystems.