Open Spectrum Processing

Open Software

Open software works with open firmware heterogeneously to support applications that run both in CPU/GPU and FPGA implementations. The open software allows more capability to fit into the same FPGA supported by the open firmware. The benefit of using the same hardware for different mission applications opens the possibility of using specific hardware for one mission and simply reprogramming it for another mission with different requirements, setting a new standard for sustainability.

Open Firmware

Bring applications to new and deployed hardware without complex, time-consuming changes or customized solutions. A new open firmware standard that leverages partial reconfiguration, and common module interfaces, enabling applications to easily load onto different hardware systems without in-depth changes or customization of the algorithm, further diversifying mission capabilities in deployed systems.

Open Hardware

Accelerate solution development by removing the limitations and complexities around custom system designs and upgrades. Open hardware incorporates existing standards into building blocks of diverse designs, enabling future-ready builds that reduce lifecycle costs and risks while raising the bar on adaptability and upgradeability to deployed systems.

Rapid Application Delivery and Sustainment

Open Spectrum Processing

Leveraging an open spectrum processing platform, our middleware library reduces system development time by providing out-of-the-box functionality for applications like software-defined radio and other algorithms.


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