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ENSEMBLE® 6000 Series SFM6104 Switch Fabric Module OpenVPX 40Gb/s

Product Description

The Ensemble® SFM6104 Switch Module from Mercury Systems applies the latest Ethernet and InfiniBand™ bridging technology from Mellanox (6th generation SwitchX®-2 VPI) and bandwidths of up to 40 Gigabit and a theoretical maximum duplex bandwidth of 2Tb/s are possible, with Mercury’s latest switch fabric module.

Mercury’s latest and most capable 6U OpenVPX switch fabric module (SFM6104) is designed to VITA 65 (OpenVPX), provides comprehensive Layer-2 switching and system management for up to 18 OpenVPX payload slots.

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  • 6U OpenVPX™ single 1-inch slot module
  • 40 Gigabit Ethernet or InfiniBand™ high bandwidth switching:
  • Ethernet ecosystem; 40GBASE-KR4 and 10GBASE-KX4
  • Or InfiniBand ecosystem; FDR-10, QDR, DDR and SDR
  • Switching for up to 18 payloads
  • Single point OpenVPX chassis management
  • Air-cooled, rugged conduction-cooled and Air Flow-By™ OpenVPX packaging options
  • Optimized for SWaP,  40 Gigabit Ethernet Switching, System Management and front-panel I/O in a single OpenVPX slot
  • Ideally suited for Mercury Intel® Xeon® Server-class based subsystems
  • Simplifies system complexity by mitigates the need for an external control plane switch and cabling
  • Flexible, scalable and configurable for combining in a variety of configurations, meeting a broad range of embedded application requirements

Switch fabric 

Mellanox 6th generation SwitchX 2 VPI ASIC with Ethernet and InfiniBand capability up to 18 payload slots
Data plane (per VITA 65) either Ethernet or InfiniBand:
Control plane
1000BASE-BX Ethernet 16 links (scalable to 20 links via fabric configuration software; sacrifices 1 data plane interface)
Fabric manager
Processor: Freescale P3041 with 2GB DDR3 (ECC enabled)
System manager
Processor: Renesas H8S/2166 or Smart Fusion FPGA
I2C bus between all switch and payload slots

Module I/O

Please check the datasheet.


Please check the datasheet.