AVR8414 Digital Video Recorder


AVR8414 Video Recorder

The AVR8414 Video Recorder was engineered precisely for integrators and operators who need the capability of recording multiple HD and SD sources at the same time. This model allows recording of up to five simultaneous channels in the broad range of video, audio, and data signals integrated in advanced air, land, and sea platforms. User friendly features available with the AVR8414 include event marking, KLV data, image snapshots, remote operation, jog-playback, and playback-while-record. It offers support for up to 1080p60 recording and streaming, as well as standard definition NTSC or PAL.

This highly capable system is remarkably easy to use, with features such as one-touch recording, and simple icon-driven buttons. The AVR8414 can be controlled via the front panel of the DVR or via an on-screen display. The high-resolution front panel is an NVIS-compatible graphical display that provides a wide range of status information.

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The AVR8414 enables comprehensive flexibility to mission systems operators and systems integrators. Novel features include  Reachback which allows an operator to go back in time – up to three minutes – to begin a recording, so critical events are never missed. (Activation of this feature is simple. Configure the DVR to boot in it’s Reachback Armed (RBKA) mode. The video record will then store the specified duration of video in a memory buffer till an operator presses the record button or triggers recording from a remote message/signal.) Mission capability can then be expanded with use of Mission Replace Software (AMRS). Analyze, debrief, and process this critical playback information efficiently and easily, with the click of a mouse.

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Many operators have requirements to save multiple copies of mission video recordings. The AVR8414 makes this simple with our TS Cloning feature. Configure either DVR recording channel to write independent video files of the same data to multiple storage drives. Keep one copy on the platform in internal storage for use in future missions and immediately hand-off the removable SD Card or 25” SATA SSD recording to customers on the ground.




Products formerly Avalex

Model AVR8414

Width (in)

  • 5.75

Height (in)

  • 1.5

Weight (lb)

  • 1.4

Video Resolution Supported

  • 1080i @ 50, 59.94 FPS, 1080p @ 25, 29.97 FPS (SMPTE-292M), 1080p @ 50, 59.94 FPS (SMPTE-424M), HD-SDI: 720p @ 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94, 60 FPS, KLV STANAG-4069 / MISB Metadata, NTSC: 720 x 480, PAL: 720 x 576

Data I/O

  • ARINC 825 (CAN Bus) 1 ports, Discretes 2 in / 1 out, Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) 1 port, RS-232 1 port

Video I/O

  • RS-170A 4 in / 1 out, SDI Video 2 in / 1 out

Audio I/O

  • Mono 2 in / 2 out

Internal Storage

  • 60GB

Removable Storage Media

  • 2.5" SATA SSD, SD Card, USB

Configurable Features

  • Discrete Output, Dual Audio Inputs


  • NVIS-B Compatible

Storage Temperature Range

  • -55˚C to +85°C

Operating Temperature Range

  • -45° C to +71° C

Input Voltage

  • 28 VDC


  • 28VDC / 5VDC / 5VAC


  • DO-160G


Analyze in-flight video 

Simultaneously capture, record and analyze multiple mission video streams from aircraft sensors and systems with Mercury's digital video recorders.