DO-254 Hardware Development

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Expertise to Support Any Safety-Critical DO-254 Hardware Development Project

Mercury Systems is committed to tackling the issues of cost and time to market when it comes to DO-254 safety-critical hardware development. As commercial and military safety regulations continue to become more stringent, aerospace systems designers have to push back deadlines and invest more heavily in hardware engineering. With a staff of engineers who constantly have their finger on the pulse of the FAA’s ever-changing requirements, we are the perfect partner to support any safety-critical DO-254 hardware development project. Our in-depth knowledge of these demanding requirements enables us to navigate our way through the stringent process without driving up costs.

Our team’s capabilities and experience range from full hardware engineering for complete systems to single FPGA designs that can be utilized on full or partial projects. We use a fully-documented hardware development lifecycle to meet DO-254 Level A that can be tailored to meet any specific requirements.

Our team of engineers has a wide range of experience of video processing using ARINC 818 architectures. We use ModelSim as a HDL simulation environment and have knowledge of both VHDL and Verilog.

With DO-254 requirements playing an even greater role in the development of avionics systems, our disciplined approach, attention to detail, and commitment to driving costs down are greater assets than ever before.


Accelerate Subsystem Development

Streamline safety-critical system development and the certification process with DO-254 / DO-178 design assurance checklists, guided assessments, and hardware and software artifacts.



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