GS Multi-Core Renderer with BuiltSAFE™

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CPU-Based OpenGL Library for DAL-A, Scalable Multicore Performance

DO-178C safety-certifiable multicore CPU OpenGL graphics rendering software library

Mercury's GS Multi-Core Renderer with BuiltSAFE™ technologies is an OpenGL graphics software library tailored for high-performance in safety-critical environments requiring the highest DAL level. Part of the our Graphics Suite, this efficient, small footprint software library performs software-based graphics rasterizing in embedded systems that employ both general purpose and safety-critical systems using a single, consistent API. The multicore implementation overcomes the performance issues typically associated with software-only graphics solutions. Certifiable to DO-178C Level A, this OpenGL software graphics renderer is designed to be deployed in aerospace and defense systems where performance and reliability are critical.

The GS Multi-Core Renderer features unique, optimized software rasterizing algorithms and advanced technology that supports high-fidelity, real-time graphics applications on embedded computing platforms not equipped with GPUs or integrated graphics acceleration. The renderer reduces the risk and cost associated with graphic hardware components while providing a superior obsolescence management approach and easy-system upgrade.


  • Full OpenGL SC functionality to enable OpenGL applications in systems with minimal or no graphics hardware support
  • Industry-leading performance on embedded targets supporting SIMD streaming
  • Deterministic support for multicore processors and multi-threading
  • Multicore implementation that scales performance with the number of cores allocated
  • Concurrent processing of vector and color operations
  • Optional virtualized driver enabling a standard processor to function as a dedicated GPU in the system
  • Complete, customizable source code applicable for any operating system
  • Small, implementation certifiable to safety standards, including DO-178C level A
  • High-quality, anti-aliased lines and textures at all display resolutions
  • Configurable frame buffer modes, with or without alpha-out
  • Rendered using a user-supplied frame buffer to accomplish video blend, static symbology backgrounds and other special purpose features

highest-design-assurance-level-sm.png    builtsafe-694x438.jpg    Military & Aerospace Gold Product Award



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Our safety-certifiable solutions are delivered with proven DAL artifacts that streamline the certification process and reduce malfunction risk for airborne applications.


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Streamline safety-critical system development and the certification process with DO-254 / DO-178 design assurance checklists, guided assessments, and hardware and software artifacts.



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