FPGA IP core graphics accelerator with BuiltSAFE™

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Meet the Demanding Performance Requirements of High-Criticality Applications

DO-254 safety-certifiable FPGA IP core graphics accelerator for flight displays and EFIS

For the majority of avionics applications, Mercury’s GS MultiCore Renderer is sufficient to achieve the performance requirements of Primary Flight Displays, EFIS, and other high-criticality applications. However, there are some applications that require a higher level of performance. For these instances we offer an innovative, comprehensive solution, our FPGA IP Core Graphics Accelerator. This innovative, hybrid solution eliminates the necessity of introducing a GPU and offers FPGA IP core graphics acceleration for “bottleneck” operations. It offers industry leading rasterization and screen control functionality along with the DO-254 evidence required for use within DAL-A applications.

Stay a Step Ahead of Future Demands

Through development of graphics and portability specifications, Mercury has successfully influenced the activities of several industry standard-setting bodies. We leverage our vendor partnerships to accommodate changes in embedded computing technologies during our product life-cycles. Our close ties with hardware partners, as well as RTOS vendors, allow us to accommodate their next generation product lines long before they are introduced to the market.

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Deploy Faster with Risk-Free Computing

Our safety-certifiable solutions are delivered with proven DAL artifacts that streamline the certification process and reduce malfunction risk for airborne applications.


Accelerate Subsystem Development

Streamline safety-critical system development and the certification process with DO-254 / DO-178 design assurance checklists, guided assessments, and hardware and software artifacts.



Mitigate Deployment Risk with Proven Experience

We employ cutting-edge commercial technologies and unique processes borne from a wealth of in-house expertise, garnered on over 300 programs, to develop and manufacture solutions to meet your application's demanding conditions. 



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