mPOD Electronic Attack Training System

Train pilots for electronic warfare

The mPOD jammer training pod is designed to emulate realistic combat scenarios

Pilots sharpen their combat skills through mock air-to-air combat with other pilots operating as adversaries. Commercially available, built with validated DRFM-technology and programmed in minutes through a software interface, mPOD enables “adversary” pilots to accurately emulate near-peer jamming techniques and run training exercises across multiple sites.



Adversary Red Air pilots using mPOD EA training pod to spoof and jam Blue Force

NASIC-Validated DRFM Technology

mPOD can simultaneously emulate multiple National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)-validated enemy jamming techniques to better prepare pilots for combat in contested electromagnetic environments. Built with Filthy Buzzard digital RF memory (DRFM) technology, developed and validated over 35 years in partnership with the U.S Air Force and Navy, the pod requires little or no tuning by engineers or technicians.

Reprogram and Deploy

mPOD's intuitive Windows interface can quickly reprogram missions and threats for different training programs, aircraft and radar systems. The software interface speeds integration with the aircraft display and cockpit control panel (a pre-integration option is also available) and enables pilots to switch training missions mid-flight. Out-of-the-box ground and air equipment speed pod maintenance and testing for quick deployment. 


Save Time and Maximize Aircraft Performance

The pod can be attached to any aircraft weapon’s pylon or integrated internally within the aircraft to reduce drag and maintain aircraft performance. A scalable and modular design with six swappable, high MTBF hardware components, including a wideband Parker/Meggitt antenna, mPOD decreases overall sustainment cost.