DCM3110 Digital Transceiver

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Configurable, low-latency, coherent 3U Rx/Tx module

The EnsembleSeries™ DCM3110 is a compact 3U digital transceiver that incorporates low-latency ADC and DAC channels with powerful FPGA processing. Designed to deliver excellent spectral purity, coherent multi-channel functionality and excellent LPOI (Low Probability of Intercept) signal detection capability, the DCM3110 is a multi-use processing module rugged enough for the harshest environments.


  • Multi-channel, highly configurable Rx/Tx module
  • Coherent and spectrally pure for EW applications
  • Kintex® UltraScale+ FPGA processing power
  • Low-latency ADC and DAC performance
  • Multi-channel/Multi-card synchronization
  • Built-in IPMI controller

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