Enabling a Trusted Domestic Microelectronics Ecosystem

August 5, 2020 Mercury Systems


Mercury Systems is a next-generation defense electronics company making commercial technologies profoundly more accessible to aerospace and defense. We’re uniquely positioned to provide the DoD trusted, secure microelectronics solutions that align with their number one defense technology priority and Congress’ proposed American Foundries Act of 2020.

Watch the interactive virtual conversation with Mercury’s Dr. William (Bill) Conley, CTO, and Tom Smelker, vice president and general manager, as they delved into the trends driving the defense industry’s increased focus on the need for trusted microelectronics. Macro-level geopolitical trends have created an environment in which secure, trusted solutions are an undisputed imperative for our customers as well as government agencies. This discussion explored how the defense and national industrial bases can collaborate to drive innovation and solve the challenges of integrating advanced commercial technologies onto military platforms. Highlights include:

  • Commercial R&D growth currently outpaces defense so the defense industrial base must have access to commercial technology. More specifically, the electronics and semiconductor markets are driven by commercial investment.
  • Mercury offers six key differentiators when it comes to developing and bringing technologies to the forefront for aerospace and defense.
    • Silicon – Leading provider of commercially developed silicon purpose-built for specific requirements of A&D
    • Speed – Highest performance and densest processing solutions available onboard military platforms
    • SWaP – Everything optimized for size, weight and power
    • Software – Investment in the most advanced open middleware and software
    • Security – Investment in industry-leading embedded security capabilities and secure manufacturing facilities
    • Safety – Safety-certifiable processing systems up to the highest design assurance levels
  • 2.5D manufacturing using chiplets is the latest game changer in the evolution of custom microelectronics technology. By working at the chip level and leveraging new 2.5D system-in-package (SiP) capabilities, designers can combine complex semiconductor dies into a single component while maintaining trust and security.
    • Brings board and system-level processing capability down to chip scale
    • Offers an accelerated delivery cycle
    • Offers innovative solutions to deliver high-performance computing in SWaP-constrained environments
  • Chiplets create the ability to focus a very small die on a specific capability. They enable:
    • Up to an 80% size reduction
    • Cognitive electronic warfare (EW), with smarter algorithms at the sensor with low latency
    • Multi-function radar, with processing right at the sensor to create smart sensors that enable AI in defense applications

Watch the Conversation

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