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EnsembleSeries™ LDS6520

Product Description

6U OpenVPX SBC powered by Intel® i7 with FPGA co-processor, Ethernet fabrics and dual mezzanine sites.

  • Intel 64-bit Core i7 610E Arrandale dual-core processor running at up to 2.53 GHz with 46 peak GFLOPS
  • First embedded computing product to combine processing power of Ineld Core i7 family with high-speed serial RapidIO fabric interface
  • On-board Altera Stratix IV FPGA provides streaming bridge for high-bandwidth, low-latency data80-
  • 80-lane Gen2 PCI Express switch for onboard switching and off-board expansion
  • Advanced system management functionality architected in Open VPX secification enables remote system monitoring, alarm management, and hardware revision and health status


6U OpenVPX SBC powered by Intel i7 with FPGA co-processor

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