COVID-19 Information for Customers and Partners

Mercury Considered a Critical Infrastructure Provider

As outlined by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Mercury is considered a critical infrastructure provider and is thus excluded from “stay at home” orders. Earlier this week, and in recognition of the important mission-critical position Mercury occupies at the intersection of high tech and defense, we determined that all of our U.S. sites will remain open, with operationally essential team members returning to those sites and those who are able to continue to work from home doing so.

U.S. residents who work in these critical infrastructure sectors have been asked to continue their work because of their importance to the health and safety of our nation. As such, the work that we are doing in our facilities, as well as those now working from home, are now deemed essential to our nation. We are grateful for our team members who are doing such meaningful work and ensuring that we continue to best serve our colleagues, our customers, and our country.

More information about our response to the Coronavirus pandemic will be posted here as it's made available. Please check back periodically for the latest updates.


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