Integrated Manufacturing

Mercury has pioneered a next generation defense electronics business model and supporting manufacturing infrastructure that addresses globalized supply chains in support of the aerospace and defense industries. Our proven approach to manufacturing enables prime contractors to win more business while putting the best technology into the hands of our warfighters, faster.

Our business model anticipates future defense electronics requirements, invests in the technologies, capabilities and facilities necessary to manufacture these products when they are required. This model leverages the best commercial business practices and technology for the highest processing performance, interoperability, while driving affordability and program velocity. Mercury builds in trust and security while making our solutions rugged and supporting them with long-term sustainability programs. Our open systems approach supports relatively easy tech refreshes with built-in future-proofing. This agile and practical approach to modern defense electronics manufacture enables the fielding of the best defense processing solutions quickly.

Capability Highlights


Mercury Manufacturing Domains

Our manufacturing capabilities enable prime defense contractors to field solutions faster, build-in security and product performance differentiation, while compressing program schedules, lowering risk and driving affordability.

We are proud of the manufacturing capabilities we have developed. To demonstrate them, we have equipped our AMCs with Innovation Centers that display our pre-engineered defense electronics building blocks that span the whole sensor processing chain, in both RF and digital domains. Innovation Centers also introduce AMC manufacturing capabilities that produce the most differentiated, secure defense processing solutions available. Our manufacturing domains include:

  • Package shrinking
  • Multi-layer chip fabrication
  • System-in-Package miniaturization
  • SMT fabrication
  • Device underfill and encapsulation
  • Memory miniaturization
  • Secure solid state storage
  • Custom defense microelectronics
Software coded in US:
  • BIOS
  • Ethernet stack
    SSD controller
  • Software defined fabrics
  • Cyber resiliency
  • Secure hypervisor
Radio Frequency:
  • RF miniaturization
  • Wire-bonding
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Testing and tuning
  • Exotic dielectric material processing
  • Thick and thin-film processing
  • Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs)
Screening and qualification:
  • Environmental (to Gun hardened)
  • Space qualification (Radiation hardened)
Built-in product features:
  • Most powerful processing
  • Most rugged packaging
  • Best SWaP performance
  • Built-in system-wide security
    • Highest design Level Assurance (DAL-A)
    • DO-254 (hardware)
    • DO-178 (software)
  • Affordable build-to-print
  • Low-risk build-to-specification
  • Processing subsystem pre-integration
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