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Development platform for the ROCK-2 subsystem

Product Summary

The ROCK-2A is a development platform for conduction cooled boards used in the BuiltSAFE™ ROCK-2 series of pre-integrated processing subsystems. The development platform’s front-panel is populated with commercial connectors for easy accessibility from test and development benches. Both the hardware and software are identical across the BuiltSAFE ROCK-2 development (ROCK-2A) and rugged airborne (ROCK-2B/C) platforms, enabling our customers' applications to migrate from one platform to the other without modification.

The BuiltSAFE ROCK-2 series is pre-integrated with our BuiltSAFE Series of interoperable processing, graphics and I/O building blocks to provide all the functions required for modern C4ISR and avionics applications. The ROCK-2A development platform is designed to work right out of the box, and includes a software package with all the development tools required to build an application.



ROCK-2A Datasheet Request More Information