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Safety-certifiable, high-end video processing integrated with switching capabilities enables on-demand viewing of sensor data and seamless movement between video streams.

Product Summary

Two high-end AMD 9171 GPUs coupled with two customizable FPGAs enable the VGP-8177 graphics processor to simultaneously manage 10 independent inputs and 12 outputs. The VGP-8177’s flexible processing pipeline allows for any of its video inputs to be enhanced through scaling, rotation, custom image processing, and overlay.

The 6U OpenVPX VGP-8177 acts as a video switch with a many-to-many configuration. In addition to high-speed, fiber optics digital video inputs and outputs such as ARINC-818-2, DVI and SDI, legacy analog RGB and CVBS inputs and outputs are also supported.

Answering the increasing demand for safety-critical graphics, the VGP-8177 provides a path to certification with our reusable Design Assurance Level (DAL) certified artifacts.


VGP-8177 Datasheet Request More Information