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RFM3103s /RFM3113 Dual Upconverter

A SOSA-aligned Microwave RF Upconverter supporting Secure, SWaP-Focused EW Systems

The RFM3103s/RFM3113 is a SOSA-aligned microwave dual upconverter designed for demanding electronic warfare (EW) applications. The dual upconverter offers high dynamic range and performance operation from 6 – 18GHz with low phase noise and an internal local oscillator (LO). Optimized for future upgradeability, the purpose-built for SOSA alignment RFM3103s/RFM3113 is packaged in a low-Swap 3U module and ideal for electronic attack, ELINT, and beamforming systems. The rugged build is suited for a variety of demanding environments with a broad spectrum of usability supporting greater performance in the field.

SOSA alignment means that this product is designed to meet the latest in open systems standards supporting commonality among products for customers. The design streamlines the deployment of the latest technology by increasing accessibility, efficiency, and maintaining interoperability and configurability. Although installation is simplified, security and ruggedness still meet Mercury’s high standards for secure, mission-critical technology.


  • Ultra-Wideband - Excellent phase noise - High Dynamic range
  • Built-in LO generation
  • External LOs capability for EW versatility
  • Two, fully independent upconverters

What SOSA Delivers


Rapid technology insertions at the speed of innovation


Reductions in size, weight and power (SWaP)


Low Cost

Reductions in sustainment costs enable more and better systems to be deployed


Increased competition to drive affordability and innovation



Enhanced compatibility so systems can scale across platforms and domains


Improved cybersecurity enables systems to become more attack resilient


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