HUD1080 Head-Up Display

Display flight-critical information in high-definition

The HUD1080 is a digital display designed for modern aircraft

Traditional analog HUDs use expensive, bulky, and obsolete cathode ray tube (CRT) technology that does not support next generation aircraft capabilities. The HUD1080 features digital light engine technology and a non-obstructive design enabling pilots to see real-time flight images in 1080p without taking their eyes off the action outside.



Graphic showing superior performance of Mercury Systems rugged servers compared to the previous generation.

Improved Line-of-Sight and Situational Awareness

Completely digital and fully customizable to any aircraft, HUD1080 can display imagery from digital and analog interfaces to support enhanced vision capabilities including FLIR for landing in degraded or zero visibility flight conditions. A wide-range of brightness levels and NVIS ensure pilots see crisp imagery clearly any time of day.

More Action, Less Distraction

HUD1080 features a large eye-motion box with more than 24 degrees field of view to eliminate blind spots and reduce eye strain. The front-end takes as little as 2 inches of vertical space below the glass, allowing large displays to be integrated higher in the cockpit so pilots can keep their heads up during flight. An unobstructed video camera captures live footage with symbology for training and debriefing purposes.


Cost Effective, Mission Resilient

HUD1080 is ruggedized to operate during turbulent flights and DAL-A certifiable for safety-critical missions. Fewer components minimize the risk of obsolescence and lower maintenance and sustainment costs.