HUD1080 Head-Up Display, BuiltSAFE™


Save space and decrease integration time with low-profile technology

Built with Digital Light Engine and FPGA technology, HUD1080 displays flight-critical information in 1080p and can be quickly updated to support new interfaces. The compact design occupies less vertical space, bringing large area display integration closer to eye level to minimize pilot discomfort. Rugged and DAL-A certifiable, it can function as a primary flight display.

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  • Project 1080p video with high-resolution symbology, high contrast ratio and >240 total field of view (TFOV)
  • Adjustable brightness from 0.03fL to >2200 fL and night-vision (NVIS) capable for clear and crisp imagery in direct sunlight and at night. ​
  • DAL-A certifiable to function as primary flight display
  • Digital Light Engine (DLE) technology with integrated SoC supports enhanced vision systems such as FLIR, and can be updated to support new interfaces
  • Low-profile waveguide option accomodates large area displays to minimize pilot discomfort.  
  • Non-obstructive camera that records live video overlaid with symbology for debriefing and training purposes
  • Rugged, MIL-STD 810G and 8,000 hrs MTBF to lower risk of failure and lifecycle and maintenance costs.
  • Built with fewer components, mean time to repair is no more than 30 minutes
  • 1 min startup time, conduction and convection cooled​ 

Operational Modes
Day and night modes
Automatic brightness control
Depressible reticle stand-by sight (SBS) option

Capable of >2200 fL
Contrast ratio >1.25 in the presence of 10,000 fL background lighting

Adjustable from 0.03 to maximum brightness

High-Resolution Light Engine
Can project up to 1080p full high-definition (HD) image

Total Field of View (TFOV)
>24 degrees and a binocular instantaneous filed of view (IFOV) of 15 degrees vertical and 15.5 horizontal
Large eye-motion box

BuiltSAFE Proven Elements
DO-254C hardware artifacts
DO-178C software artifacts
Design and information assurance
Self-monitoring and BIT capability

8,000 hours MTBF: 34,500 hours for recording camera
Operating Temperature: -400C to +850C
Conduction and convection cooled

Head-Up Display

Display flight-critical information

The HUD1080's digital light engine technology and a non-obstructive design enables pilots to see real-time flight images in 1080p without taking their eyes off the action outside.