Military Rugged Display Systems

Avionic/vetronic displays that deliver crisp, clear imagery and operate in a range of temperatures and surroundings.

Designed for armored combat vehicles, military and commercial aircraft operating in harsh environments

With more sensor data being transformed into actionable information at the edge, the military displays disseminating that information must be clear, crisp, and able to operate in a wide range of temperatures and surroundings. And because application requirements can vary greatly across platforms, displays must also be agile — what works well in a plane, may not in a vehicle.

Our military grade displays are capable of up to 1.3 billion colors and 1024 grayscale for superior clarity in the most challenging and demanding environments. By calibrating every aspect of the display to your application, from the display characteristics (size, resolution, color depth, color saturation, aspect ratios, viewing cone) and mechanical packaging to the sustainability requirements, our rugged military displays improve operator safety and increase end-user efficiency. Our progressive approach with materials and design yields the most advanced, fully functioning military display systems to enhance situational awareness and precision, all while reducing risk and providing the lowest through-life cost.

Selecting the Optimal Display

Improve your operating safety, enhance end-user efficiency, and reduce lifecycle costs by choosing the best display for your military applications. At first glance, it may seem that all display technology is the same and any liquid crystal display (LCD) is adequate for your program. A closer examination reveals multiple ways an application-specific LCD displays can provide operational advantage.

Are you considering the most important factors when selecting your liquid crystal display? Read the Selecting Optimal Avionic and Vetronic Displays for Your Application paper to ensure you are.



Enhance Your Situational Awareness

A true 10-bit, dual-redundant large area display (LAD) with a high dynamic range of 1024 gray shades and enhanced with night vision-enabled technology, to see further, with more clarity, and make a more informed decision sooner.