LCD Modules for Primary Flight Displays

Rugged, safe and NVIS compatible active matrix LCD modules for avionics and vetronics displays

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See Clearly and Farther with Primary Flight Displays featuring Failsafe LCD Modules

Mercury's military-grade LCD modules improve operational safety, enhance end-user efficiency, and reduce complete lifecycle costs by customizing active matrix LCD characteristics to your unique application. Whether it is in the air, on the ground, under the sea, day or night, hot or cold, displays built with Mercury's LCD modules illuminate mission-critical data, regardless of where you work.

Enhance Situational Awareness and Precision
Safety-certifiable up to DAL-A, rugged, and NVIS compatible, Mercury's LCD modules operate in demanding environments and enhance user situational awareness. 

Explore Display Configurations

These are a few examples of the display options we offer today. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and configurations.


Model Image Diagonal Case Size Active Image Size Aspect Ratio Image Resolution Grayscale CGPI Type Datasheet
2150 21.5" 20.8" x 8.9" 19.9” x 8.2” 10:4 2560 x 2048 10 bit 128 Standard


1000 10.0" 9.0" x 7.0" 8.0" x 6.0" 4:3 1024x768 10 bit 128 Standard  
1040 10.4" 9.3" x 7.2" 8.28" x 6.21" 4:3 1024x768 8 bit 128 Standard  
1060 10.6" 10.5" x 6.5" 9.24" x 5.2" 16:9 1280x720 10 bit 138.5 Standard


1210 12.1" 11" x 8.5" 9.64" x 7.30" 4:3 1360x1024 8 bit 141.1 Standard  
1540 15.4" 9.10" x 14.01" 8.15" x 13.04" 4:3 1920x1200 10 bit 128 Standard  
340 3.4" 3ATI 2.41" x 2.41" 1:1 300x300 8 bit 124.5 Standard  
600 6.0" 5ATI 4.21" x 4.21" 1:1 524x524 8 bit 124.5 Standard  
640 6.4" 6 x 5ATI 5.14" x 3.86" 4:3 640x480 8 bit 124.5 Standard  
710 7.1" 6ATI 5.03" x 5.03" 1:1 600x600 8 bit 119.2 Standard  
710HR 7.1" 6ATI 5.0" x 5.0" 1:1 1280x1280 8 bit 256 Standard  
890 8.9" 7.25" x 7.25" 6.27" x 6.27" 1:1 780x780 8 bit 124.5 Standard  
  • Effective Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) compatibility
  • Sunlight readability
  • Elimination of windscreen or bubble canopy display reflections by narrowing the viewing angle
  • Optimized images for multiple applications with multiple gamma encoding values
  • Redundancy for no single point of failure
  • Extended display life with luminance control
  • Operation in range of extreme temperatures
  • True dual-mode (day and NVIS) backlighting
  • Customized LEDs that can operate efficiently at lower voltage capacity
  • 8-bit or 10-bit color depth LCDs
  • 16 values for gamma decoding applied over 16 separate inputs
  • Fiber-optic elements eliminate reflections
  • Redundant large area display (LAD) technology with independent power and video paths for each display
  • LADs with no visible center mullion between the displays
  • LADs support both flight- and arctic-gloved hand touchscreen operation

Optimized to Your Platform

Every aspect of our LCD modules are calibrated to your application, from the display characteristics (size, resolution, color depth, color saturation, aspect ratios, viewing cone) and mechanical packaging to the sustainability requirements, our modules yield the most advanced, fully functioning military display systems, all while reducing risk and providing the lowest through-life cost. Read our whitepaper on selecting the best display for your application to learn more.


Single or Double, You Choose

Mercury's large area displays combine two active matrix LCDs on a single LCD substrate. With no separation in the center of the display, a single continuous image can be displayed across the full width of the LCD and separate windows of information can be moved from one side to another without a non-illuminated portion (mullion) between display halves.


Commercial Technology Made Application-Ready

Our purpose-built solutions accelerate access to the latest commercial technologies, configurable to meet the requirements of aerospace and defense applications. Maximize longevity and improve sustainability with products designed, built and tested to meet the most rigorous military specifications.