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Radar Testing and Training Solutions

Is your radar system ready to face an advanced jamming threat? It is no longer sufficient to use simple target generators and radar reflectors to test radar systems and train the operators. As our adversaries develop and deploy advanced electronic attack (EA) capabilities, it becomes increasingly critical to test and train against DRFM-based jammers.

For the laboratory and anechoic testing phases we offer radar environment simulators with integrated electronic attack emulation. As your program matures, our airborne EA training solutions allow radar operators to train in an actual contested electromagnetic environment.

Product Categories

Digital RF Memory (DRFM) Technology

Simulating rich electronic environments and accurately emulating hostile threats requires advanced digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) technology. These DRFM modules must operate over a wide bandwidth, perform with low latency, and have the processing power to implement complex electronic warfare techniques.

Are you ready for operation in a contested electromagnetic spectrum (EMS)? Test and train against advanced DRFM technology to prepare for the threats of tomorrow.

From the Lab to the Range

When you need to rapidly deploy your next-generation radar system you can’t afford any surprises during flight testing. By utilizing a radar environment simulator with integrated electronic attack emulation from the early design phases, you have the confidence to achieve first-pass success. Our radar environment simulators not only include realistic jamming threats but also support direct injection from the radar bus and multi-channel operation for anechoic chamber testing.

As your program matures, you need to validate the effectiveness of your electronic protection (EP) capabilities and train your radar operators for mission success. Our DRFM-based airborne EA training pods emulate known threats to reduce surprises on the battlefield.

Whether in the lab or on the range, our radar testing and training solutions will prepare your system for next-generation threats.

Capability Highlights

Modular Designs

Rapid customization with a modular design library

High Performance

Model the most complex, dynamic environments

Advanced Engineering

Trust our library of validated threats and experienced team

Open System Architecture

Simplify your integration with open architectures

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