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Space-Qualified Microelectronics

At Mercury Systems we leverage our experience with commercial technology and high-reliability aerospace hardware to deliver the right product for the right application. We understand the differences between a military space program and a commercial low earth orbit (LEO) constellation. Our experienced design team is ready to customize an RF or storage solution for your specific application.

Over 20,000 space-qualified devices with no in-flight failure


Space qualified rf & microwave productsBroad Portfolio of Space-Qualified RF & Microwave

With over four decades of experience delivering space-qualified RF and microwave products, count on us for your mission-critical components. Products include amplifiers, filters, mixers, ferrites, VCOs, telemetry components and integrated products. 

Radiation tolerant solid state drives Radiation-Tolerant Solid State Drives

TRRUST-Stor series of radiation-tolerant solid state drives feature a custom SpaceDrive NAND controller with BuiltSECURE error correction algorithms that counter radiation-induced NAND flash errors. With 100% authority over the controller, the product is readily customizable for non-traditional use cases when deemed critical to a customer’s program. 

GaN solid state power amplifiersGaN Solid State Power Amplifers (SSPA)

Mercury is a leader in the development and manufacture of gallium nitride-based power amplifiers. This advanced technology provides maximum output power in a compact package. With a focus on reliability, Mercury is one of very few suppliers who have successfully delivered GaN SSPA products for space applications.

SpaceVPX Packaging SpaceVPX™ Packaging

We apply our expertise in 3D packaging for SWaP constrained military applications to our space storage devices allowing high capacity storage in modular SpaceVPX form factor.  As the first and only storage solutions in the SpaceVPX form factor, our storage products are designed for seamless integration with the SpaceVPX ecosystem of processing boards and chassis.

Our space-qualified storage products are designed and manufactured in a DMEA accredited facility for design, packaging, test and broker services.

High-reliability Manufacturing - AS9100 certified facilities High-Reliability Manufacturing and Test

Mercury’s space-qualified hardware is manufactured in state-of-the-art, AS9100 certified facilities that include, automated assembly, advanced environmental testing and on-site engineering support. Capabilities include hermetic sealing, thin-film and solder assembly, CNC machining, high-frequency electrical test and on-site environmental testing (mechanical shock, vibration, acceleration, leak testing, PID testing, temperature cycling, thermal vacuum and more).


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An overview of Mercury’s broad RF and microwave solutions including compact components and highly integrated, modular assemblies.

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Learn how Mercury Systems can leverage its 40 years of space heritage to deliver the product you need for your space application.

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