Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP)

What Is ACAP?

Versal™ ACAP (advanced compute acceleration platform) is a fully software-programmable, heterogeneous compute platform from Xilinx that combines scalar, adaptable and intelligent engines resulting in dramatic performance improvements.

This technology improves processing speeds of up to 20× compared to the fastest FPGA implementations available today. Mercury has embraced this powerful technology and continues to bring it to smaller, emerging systems.


What is an ACAP?

The Xilinx Versal ACAP is an Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform combining software with heterogeneous acceleration power and the progammability of silicon. Watch the video to learn more about what's behind the technology.

A revolutionary new heterogeneous compute platform

The Versal ACAP from Xilinx® has moved the industry beyond traditional CPU scalar processing solutions. This new technology supports a variety of applications—including radar processing—and merges vector-based DSP engines and AI engines, enabling SWaP focused solutions such as the SCFE6931 to process data 20× faster than traditional FPGAs. 

20× More FPGA Processing Speeds Using AI Technology

Mercury’s heterogeneous processing model leverages Xilinx’s ACAP technology to achieve dramatic performance improvements over previous FPGA implementations. SCFE6931 users can benefit from faster performance and greater efficiency in harsh environments.

Direct Digitization at 64 GSPS and Versal AI Processing At Chip Scale

Countering the latest adversarial radar and EW threats requires extremely low-latency responses driven by intelligent, adaptive technology. Addressing this evolving need requires innovation from chip scale to system scale—including powerful system-in-package devices. Learn how Mercury is partnering with the semiconductor industry leaders to deliver trusted microelectronic solutions.

Looking for ACAP solutions for your application?





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