AVM4065 Multi-Function Display


AVM4065 Multi-Function Display

When space or power are at a premium, look no further than the AVM4065 for your standard definition video needs. Offering three video inputs and one video output, as well as VGA, a full-color, sunlight-readable 4:3 aspect ratio LCD, and optional NVIS compatibility in a compact 6.5″ diagonal design, this display is ideal for the playback of crisp video, maps, or computer graphics in cramped quarters. A scant 9 watts of power consumption makes this display an economical addition to an integration requiring power-hungry processors or mission computers. The 6-button lighted bezel offers simple one-touch control of video sources, computer graphics, and system menus.

The AVM4065 has supported military, law enforcement, and paramilitary operations for more than a decade. End users and integrators trust the display’s solid engineering, which provides robust structural reliability in a minimal footprint.

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RS-170 video inputs on the AVM4065 can be used to view multiple composite sensor video feeds or can be configured to accept S-Video and RGsB video signals.



The freeze feature on the display allows operators to quickly capture a still image of important events for review. The digital zoom feature enhances an operator’s ability to pick out distant objects. Both of these features can be combined into a single button press.


The VGA input on the AVM4065 can display computer input resolutions of 640x480. Custom resolution support is available upon request.






Products formerly Avalex

Model AVM4065

Width (in)       

  • 6.25

Height (in)      

  • 5.8

Depth (in)       

  • 2.83 (Not Including Connectors)

Weight (lb)     

  • 2.5

Display Area (in)        

  • 6.5

Aspect Ratio   

  • 4:3

Native Resolution      

  • 640 X 480

Horizontal Viewing Angle      

  • 160 °

Vertical Viewing Angle           

  • 140°


Contrast Ratio

  • 600:1

Input Voltage 

  • 28 VDC

Power Draw   

  • 0.32A at 28 VDC 9W

Composite Video       

  • VGA


  • NTSC, PAL, RS-170

Storage Temperature Range 

  • -10°C to +65°C

Operating Temperature Range          

  • 0°C to +55°C (w/o heater)


  • AVM4060 Standard, AVM4065J Automatic Power-On, AVM4065N NVIS-Compatible


  • DO-160, MIL-STD-810F, UH60-AWR

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