AVM4107C Multi-Function Display


AVM4107C Multi-Function Display

Bright and compact, the AVM4107C is a key selection for airborne ISR operators who need HD, SD, and digital map display capability.

This widescreen HD display features a rugged, milled aluminum frame minimized around a 16:10 aspect ratio screen, which provides operators with maximum display size in a minimal footprint. It also features a bright, sunlight-readable, bonded glass screen that is touch-responsive and a wide dimming range. With its support of multiple HD and SD inputs it allows operators versatile and optimized viewing capability.

The AVM4107C is an excellent display for use on smaller tactical platforms.

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The AVM4107C offers four screen modes: full screen, split screen (SS), picture-in-picture (PIP), and picture-by-picture (PBP), also known as side-by-side. Full screen mode displays only one input signal and maintains the aspect ratio of the input source.


Picture-in-picture also displays two inputs simultaneously, one in a large format and one in a smaller window whose position is configurable via the display setup menus.

Split screen displays two input signals simultaneously; these images are positioned next to each other and stretched vertically to fit the screen.


Like split screen, picture-by-picture (or side-by-side) displays two inputs next to each other; these images, however, retain the aspect ratios of their respective video inputs. Excess screen space appears as black bars.


Products formerly Avalex

Model 4107C

Width (in)       

  • 9.84

Height (in)      

  • 7.09

Depth (in)       

  • 1.89

Weight (lb)     

  • 5

Display Area (in)        

  • 10.1

Aspect Ratio   

  • 16:10

Native Resolution      

  • 1280 X 800

Refresh Rate  

  • 60 Hz

Contrast Ratio

  • 800:1


  • 28VDC / 5VDC / 5VAC

Screen Modes

  • PbP, PiP, SS



  • 1 RS-232 interface

Video I/O       

  • HD Video 2 in / 1 out, NTSC, PAL, RGB 1 in, RGsB, RS-170 1 in, SMPTE292M, STANAG3350B


  • NVIS-B

Configurable Features

  • Touchscreen

Storage Temperature Range 

  • -55˚C to +85°C

Operating Temperature Range          

  • -40˚C to +55˚C (+71˚C for 30 minutes)

Input Voltage 

  • 28 VDC

Heater Glass  

  • Standard


  • DO-160

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