AVM4167P Multi-Function Display


AVM4167P Multi-Function Display

The AVM4167P is a compact, full-HD display that is sunlight-readable and field-proven. It provides the range of options and inputs required for the most demanding ISR missions. This display is perfect for single and dual-sensor console mounting on ISR or maritime patrol aircraft where space is at a premium.

A simple, 10-button, back-illuminated keypad provides all of the immediate controls that operators expect. Picture-in-picture / picture-by-picture, all just one touch away. Easily place digital maps next to HD sensor video to quickly identify points of interest in the sensor imagery.

Not only is the AVM4167P bright, but it offers minimal bezel area, as well as fanless operation and all the popular options that operators seek, from touchscreen to remote dimming.

The AVM4167P is a leading-edge, thin, compact display designed for the most demanding missions.

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Full screen mode displays only one input signal.

Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode displays two input signals simultaneously, one in a large format and one in a smaller window, whose position is configurable.

Picture-by-picture (PBP), or side-by-side mode, displays two input signals next to each other as equally sized images whose aspect ratios are maintained. Excess screen space appears as black bars.

Split screen (SS) mode displays two input signals simultaneously as equally sized images that are stretched/cropped to fit each window. In each mode, aspect ratios can be maintained in letterbox format, or set to stretch and fit, or be cropped in the viewing space.











Products formerly Avalex

Model AVM4167P

Width (in)       

  • 16

Depth (in)       

  • 2.56

Weight (lb)     

  • 9.6

Display Area (in)        

  • 15.6

Native Resolution      

  • 1920 X 1080


  • Composite Video 6 in / 2 out, DVI 1 in, HD Video 2 in / 1 out, VGA 2 in





  • AVM4167PE Black Rear Housing, AVM4167PH Heater, AVM4167PN NVIS-Compatible, AVM4167PR Remote Dimming, AVM4167PT Touchscreen

Storage Temperature Range 

  • -55˚C to +85°C

Operating Temperature Range          

  • -40°C to +71°C

Input Voltage 

  • 28 VDC


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