Bridge the technology gap 

Bringing the world’s most advanced technologies to the defense and aerospace industry is no easy task. Commercial and consumer world technologies are not developed with the level of security, safety, ruggedization or long-lifecycle availability that many A&D applications require, and advanced microelectronics solutions are often sourced from the Far East. 

Mercury offers a unique portfolio of services that simplify integration and ensure long-term mission resiliency

As a high-tech company with proven expertise in complex systems design, silicon integration and trusted manufacturing for A&D, Mercury has developed a portfolio of unique capabilities in systems integration, secure processing, secure domestic manufacturing, program management and safety certification that we offer to our customers.

Security Services and Analysis 

Mercury’s experienced system security engineers and customer support teams deliver affordable, end-to-end product security services including vulnerability assessments, technical training, classified RMA capabilities and product-specific protection schemes. We can provide cybersecurity partner pre-integration, program protection planning assistance and red team/blue team vulnerability analysis. 


System Integration

Our pre-integrated application-ready platforms streamline development, keep pace with evolving technologies, and increase sustainability. With our broad range of chip-scale to system scale expertise that includes purpose-built hardware, manufacturing, algorithm integration, open spectrum processing, and firmware and middleware, we deliver innovative integrated solutions that save you time and cost. 

Build to Print

Our automated manufacturing capabilities and trusted supply chain help your program ramp to full-rate production by providing manufacturing support from RF to digital. Our assembly capabilities include automated SMT assembly, microelectronics assembly, and subsystem integration. We also perform high-speed electrical and on-site environmental testing. 

Design to Spec

Leveraging our experience with broadband microwave subsystems, open architecture modules and high-performance digital processing, we design trusted solutions to meet your unique specifications. 



Safety Certification Services

Our safety-critical engineering services help you achieve your engineering, development, and certification goals. We employ a fully qualified, experienced group of consultants with an unwavering attention to detail, a unique hands-on approach and extensive experience working in the avionics, industrial and automotive industries. 



Program Management 

Our dedicated program management team will provide you with detailed test, certification, quality and performance documentation so you can be assured that our solutions meet your operational requirements.  

Lifecycle Management

We lengthen product lifecycles to support your long deployment schedules and provide after-sale support for obsolescence management due to end-of-life technologies.



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