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Airborne EA Training Systems

As the near-peer threat accelerates, it is imperative to train radar operators against realistic airborne electronic attack systems. By incorporating advanced EW training pods that accurately emulate the adversary’s jamming and deception capabilities, the warfighter is prepared for operation in the contested electromagnetic spectrum.

To achieve the scalability to accurately imitate a wide range range of hostile electronic attack systems, our radar training technology incorporates advanced DRFM sub-systems and a library of validated jamming and deception threats.

Network Control

To maximize the effectiveness of complex threat emulation, EA training systems must utilize a scalable architecture that supports multiple, networked units. Through this architecture not only can you scale the number and locations of emitters and receivers, you can also control them through a simple interface that includes a technique library of multiple, validated threats.

Whether you need a single DRFM unit or a complex system consisting of multiple elements, contact us to learn how we can help you develop a tailored radar training solution.  

Effectiveness Feedback

Creating a realistic training environment for radar operators is only the first step. In order to maximize the performance of the electronic protection techniques that defend the radar against jamming, the operators need to measure the effectiveness. Implementing effectiveness feedback requires an integrated sensor-fusion solution that interfaces with existing systems.

When you need a complete training solution for next-generation radar systems, contact us to learn how we can leverage our broad portfolio of sensor technologies to develop the solution to prepare your radar system for new and emerging threats.

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