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Embedded Processing Solutions

Mercury's longest enduring capability, spanning some 30 years, lies with expertise in the field of embedded processing solutions. Mercury selects from a range of heterogeneous silicon technologies including IntelĀ® and FreescaleĀ® (PowerPC) multicore processors, in addition to graphical processing units (GPUs). By playing to the strengths of these respective technologies when applying them to an embedded processing system, Mercury is able to optimize processing performance per Watt of power. This in effect translates to extreme savings in terms of required size, weight, power (SWaP) and even cost. All of these attributes are critical for any given mobile platform.

The greatest evolution in regards to embedded processing solutions lies in the advent of multicore processors. Although this affords extreme processing density, it also contributes to increased complexity. Once again, Mercury's legacy solutions in the multi-computer space lend perfectly to the optimization of multicore technologies into SWaP-constrained platforms by using the latest in switched fabric interconnect highways. Additionally, Mercury's software and system management tools increase development productivity by reducing complexity for our customers.

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