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Product Description

The SpectrumSeries RFM6101 is an ultra-wide band, multichannel transceiver. It includes a versatile local oscillator (LO), low phase noise and fast tuning speed. To support advanced system requirements, the module contains two Rx down-converter channels and two Tx up-converter channels. It is packaged in a ruggedized 6U VPX module and optimized to operate with Mercury’s family of EnsembleSeries FPGA processing modules. The RFM6101 is open system architecture compliant in both the digital and RF processing domains through OpenVPX (VITA 65) and OpenRFM .

  • RF coverage from 6 - 18 GHz
  • 4 Rx down-converter channels and 1 Tx up-converter channel
  • Rugged, compact and full open system compliance
  • Wideband - Excellent phanse noise - High dynamic range
  • Built-in LO generation
  • External LOs capability for EW versatility 

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