VCP-2867 3U OpenVPX Video and Graphics Board with BuiltSAFE

Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA, up to 18x18 video I/O including ARINC 818-2, and DO-254 artifacts

Stream 1080p60 3G-HD and 4K video in flight

The VCP-2867 3U OpenVPX VITA 46-compliant single-slot module features a Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA, 8x8 video I/O that supports ARINC 818-2, extendable 18x18 video I/O, fast 1 Gbit QDR3 memory and low-latency video switching to perform sensor pre-processing, stream high-resolution video and feed data to multiple processing boards.

VCP-2867’s FPGA can be optionally partitioned to support applications such as sensor fusion, video streaming and AI filtering, and the board can support multiple applications from a single 3U subsystem. 


Lower Malfunction Risk and Save Resources

Mercury’s proven 3U avionics modules accelerate safety-critical applications like AI machine vision and augmented reality, expedite the certification process, save aircraft resources and speed subsystem time to market.


Key Features

  • Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA for video processing
  • 8x8 video I/O including ARINC 818-2
  • Up to 18x18 video I/O
  • Safety certifiable with complete DO-254 artifacts
  • PCIe Gen3 data plane
  • 25 W, quiet and rugged
  • Safety certification services and support


  • User programmable Xilinx Kintex
  • UltraScale XCKU115 - XCKU060 FPGA
  • QDR memory for image processing
  • acceleration


  • 4x independent 16-bit DDR3L banks
  • 512 MB each
  • 3x independent 18-bit QDR-II banks
  • 36 Mbit memory each

Video I/O

  • 4x 3G HD-SDI input
  • 4x 3G HD-SDI output
  • 4x ARINC-818-2 @4.25 Gbps input up to 10 user-selectable SDI or ARINC-818 input
  • 4x ARINC-818-2 @4.25 Gbps output up to 10 user-selectable SDI or ARINC-818 input
  • Extendible up to 18 input and 18 output

BuiltSAFE® Proven Elements

  • DO-254 hardware
  • Design and information assurance

Video Switch

  • Optional 8x8 SDI or ARINC-818 low-latency COTS-based video switch
  • Up to 8 channel video capture
  • Up to 8 overlay channels for symbology on top of output
  • Dynamically loadable custom logic
  • partitions for advanced processing

Fabric Interface

  • 2x PCIe Gen2/3 x4 on VPX connectors
  • 20 Gbps Gen2, 32 Gbps Gen3
  • 1x PCIe Gen2 x1 on VPX connectors
  • 2x 1 Gbps safety-certifiable Ethernet
  • High-speed link CML (current mode logic) of 8 lanes at 4.25 Gbps and 2 lanes at 5.4 Gbps


  • 3U OpenVPX, 1.0" slot pitch, VITA 65
  • Rugged and Low Power
  • Temperature: -40°C to 85°C card edge
  • Conduction cooled
  • 25-40W power consumption
  • Advanced rugged packaging options

Built-in Efficiency

Capture and Stream Data in Real Time

Seamlessly move, stream and process video and data in real time with Mercury’s low- latency video and graphics boards with AMD and Xilinx processors and embedded GPUs

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Purpose-Built Subsystems

Built For Today, Ready for Tomorrow

By combining our OpenVPX multiprocessing and SBC modules with a complementary portfolio of storage, I/O, networking, GPUs, and software, we create customizable, rugged embedded subsystems that securely operate at the tactical edge.  

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