The Mercury Processing Platform

September 29, 2022 Mark Aslett, President & CEO

Most Mercury team members have been asked by friends, family or professional acquaintances: “What exactly does Mercury do?” In the past, providing a short and complete answer to this too-common question has been difficult. Mercury has grown so rapidly over the last 40-plus years that properly explaining the breadth of our abilities often required a lengthy reply: “We do this and this and this and this and this.”

Let me provide a more accurate and comprehensive answer: “We’re a processing technology company for the aerospace and defense industry.” Why do I describe Mercury this way? Because our capabilities, whether directly or indirectly, all have one thing in common — they are critical components of the neural network for the defense information processing ecosystem and power the most critical A&D missions on the planet.

Our goal is to provide end-to-end processing solutions on every system requiring uncompromised computing. By this we mean the entire processing ecosystem: Not only the latest compute technologies, based on commercially developed FPGA, GPU and CPU architectures, but also a broader set of capabilities, such as analog RF, digitization and SWaP-optimized microelectronics, that come together to enable the mission-critical digital processing required to maintain technology superiority in a connected battlefield.     

An expansion of electronics systems across defense industry platforms is underway. Future missions are requiring distributed sensors, with each needing to capture high volumes of data. Implementing these systems depends on next-level connectivity and an integrated processing ecosystem from the edge to the cloud that can receive and digitize broadband data seamlessly, consistently and reliably, and then perform advanced computing — all in speeds that reduce the time from data to decision to mere seconds, which is critical to countering today's advanced threats.

I want to be clear: all of our team members and all of our product lines are included in this definition of Mercury as a processing company, whether they’re developing RF amplifier technology, rugged multifunction and heads-up displays, trusted microelectronics, secure data storage, embedded processing boards, electronic or aviation application subsystems or any of our many other innovative technologies. Our aim is to bend the curve of technology deployment to maintain U.S. and allied technological advantages in the face of increasing near-peer threats, and to do this we’re investing across our Processing Platform — from silicon to systems and data to decision. Learn more about the Exponential Power of Mercury, or take a deeper dive into Mercury – the processing company.

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