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Embedded Sensor Signal Processing

Mercury is known for embedded computing, pioneering open system architecture (OSA) standards including OpenVPX and creating real-time fabrics including serial RapidIO.

We champion OSAs that support customers' need for affordability and interoperability while infusing innovation into every compute element we build. Our portfolio of embedded VME, OpenVPX and AdvancedTCA building blocks for integration into pre-tuned processing subsystems are ideally suitable for embedded industrial, aviation and defense applications.

We ruggedly package the latest CPU, GPU and FPGA processors and keep them cool with the best technologies in the industry. Our miniaturizing wafer-stacking and system-in-package fabrication techniques drive the greatest SWaP performance and memory densities. Many of our embedded sensor processing solutions support built-in MOTS+ and BuiltSECURE technologies for extreme ruggedness and nation-state-level security features. Mercury embedded sensor processing solutions are designed, made, coded and supported in the USA from trusted DMEA facilities.



Capability Highlights

Embedded SSE for FMS

DMEA facilities
Managed supply chain for trust

MOTS+ Technology
Extreme environmental protection

Interoperable Processors
Scalable Xeon, GPU, FPGA for compute power

Scalable Across OSAs
OpenVPX, AdvancedTCA & ATX  


EnsembleSeries Open System Architecture, embedded processing building blocks.

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This white paper describes what AI and cognitive computing (CC) are and introduces the underlying, largely commercially developed IP that enables them.

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As platforms become smarter and their missions more complex, on-board processing has to evolve from today's current federated approach to an efficient holistic digitally converged approach. This white paper describes how.

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In an increasingly complex and globalized world supply chains have become vulnerable. This white paper describes next generation defense manufacturing and how it helps prime contracts to differentiate themselves.

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In the past Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) was a challenge for embedded systems. This white paper studies STAP processing approaches, using Xeon D and E processors for comparison.

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Maximum environmental protection and effective cooling for reliable deployment of your OpenVPX processing systems anywhere.

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