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Rugged Frequency Converters

Mercury's offers ruggedized microwave downconverters and tuners configurable for both Set-on and Search applications. These products include modernized microwave components and microprocessor to achieve up-to-date performance capabilities in current and legacy applications. Additionally, the legacy half ATR chassis offer form, fit and function compatibility with established platforms reducing historic modernization issues and increasing system lifetimes. With RF frequency up to 40GHz, a 2GHz IBW and modern Ethernet compatibility, these products are ideal to grant legacy systems the technology required for successful modern day missions.


RTF 3884 Chassis

RFT-3300 Rugged Microwave Downconverter

  • Optimize RF performance in an ATR chassis
  • Operate up to 40GHz with a 2GHz IF bandwidth
  • Customize your converter for an application-specific solution

TAC-3290 Microwave Tuners

  • SWaP- focused, flexible capabilities
  • Tune any RF input frequency .5–26.5 GHz
  • Tune any IF output up to 4.5 GHz
  • Selectable bandwidths of 500, 1000 and 2000 MHz

Is your Microwave Frequency Conversion Solution Limited by your IF Bandwidth?

Both our rackmount microwave transceivers and ATR chassis products support our flexible IF architecure. By allowing the user to adjust the IF bandwidth and center frequency through simple software commands a single up/down converter can be optimized for specific signals and support operation with a wide range of digitizers, thereby reducing costly system upgrades.

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An overview of Mercury’s broad RF and microwave solutions including compact components and highly integrated, modular assemblies.

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Learn how Mercury Systems can leverage its 40 years of space heritage to deliver the product you need for your space application.

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Capabilities from 100 MHz to 40 GHz with power to 4kW. Portfolio includes broadband, narrowband, pulsed and CW power amplifiers. Ultra-compact factors available. Ideal for airborne and space applications. Capability to design custom GaN SSPAs to customer-specific performance and SWaP requirements.

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Open-Architecture transceivers in 3U and 6U form factors and high-performance rackmount converters up to 40HGz with a 2GHz IBW.

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