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Our mezzanines are available with fiber optic or electrical outputs and enable a high-degree of signal processing options and high data rates. Mezzanine electrical interfaces may be software defined for even more versatility and signal inspection/processing options. These mezzanines are interoperable with similar fabric building blocks that have a compatible mezzanine site for low-risk processing, subsystem pre-integration.


IOM400 IO Interface board image


XMC I/O Mezzanine Fiber/Copper PCIe Bridge with FPGA Co-processing

  • Function: I/O Interfaces
  • Primary Processor: Xilinx
  • Options: BuiltSECURE, MOTS+
Embedded Mezzanines IOM300


XMC I/O mezzanine with sFPDP, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and PCIe gen 3 interfaces

  • OSA: Mezzanine 
  • Switch Fabric: Ethernet/Fiber Channel/PCIe
  • Options: BuiltSECURE
Embedded Mezzanines IOM200 & IOR280

IOM200 & IOR280

EnsembleSeries IOM200 XMC mezzanine and IOR280 rear transition module kit

  • OSA: 6U OpenVPX/mezzanine
  • Switch Fabric: Ethernet
  • Options: BuiltSECURE
Embedded Mezzanines IOM141


XMC multi-mode I/O mezzanine with serial RapidIO / Race++ interfaces

  • OSA: Mezzanine 
  • Switch Fabric: serial RapidIO/RACE++
Embedded Mezzanines IOM120 & IOM140

IOM120 & IOM140

XMC multi-mode I/O mezzanine with sFPDP and serial RapidIO interface

  • OSA: Mezzanine 
  • Switch Fabric: serial RapidIO


EnsembleSeries Open System Architecture, embedded processing building blocks.

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