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Embedded Radar Processing Solutions

Mercury's rugged embedded radar signal processing subsystems are built from the most contemporary portfolio of open system RF and digital processing building blocks. These blocks feature Intel Xeon processors (including datacenter Xeon-SP scalable devices), GPUs and FPGA resources and are easily configured to power the most complex radars, including next generation AESAs. Our embedded cooling technologies, fastest fabrics and most robust packaging enable powerful commercial processing capabilities to operate reliably at full-throttle, delivering deterministic streaming compute power.

Our radar signal processing subsystems are designed and made within secure DMEA approved facilities and may optionally include BuiltSECUREā„¢ security systems engineering and MOTS+ extreme rugged packaging technologies. All of our processing solutions use devices sourced from our managed, and trusted supply chain.


embedded SSE for FMS

DMEA Facilities
and managed supply chain for trust

MOTS+ Technology
for extreme environmental protection

Interoperable Processors
scalable Xeon, GPU, FPGA for compute power

Scalable Across OSAs
ATX, AdvancedTCA & OpenVPX

Domain Expertise


Airborne Radars

With processing capability, low-SWaP and elevated ruggedness requirements are often the driving forces, we supply key subsystems on dozens of airborne radars. Our open architecture designs enable affordable upgrade paths allowing our customers to refresh their applications at the speed of technology. A 3U or 6U OpenVPX is often an ideal compute architecture for SWaP sensitive, rugged, high performance on-platform radar processing solutions.

Naval Radars 

Naval platforms confront large, simultaneous attacks. As a result, their radar systems need to be multi-functional and have advanced capabilities including digital beam forming. Our processing suite includes Intel Xeon server-class processor and FPGA based technologies that provide massive and upgradable compute capabilities. Naval radar and multi-functional sensor processing systems require the processing power and scalability offered by affordable AdvancedTCA and ATX architectures.

Ground-Based Radars 

These radars track multiple objects with small radar cross-sections across great distances. We have a long history of supplying key subsystems for these radars including the Patriot Air and Missile Defense system. Ground radars may be SWaP sensitive and rugged (ground mobile) which lend themselves to a rugged OpenVPX solution and may scale to large fixed ground installations powered by rack mountable EnterpriseSeries ATX or EnsembleSeries AdvancedTCA processing solutions.

Radar Support Technologies

Digital RF Memory (DRFM)

EnsembleSeriesā„¢ processing building blocks extend into the RF domain through OpenRFM. Integrating RF with low-latency digital processing resources enables configuration of wideband DRFMs and sophisticated radar environmental simulators that exercise the most modern and complex radar systems.


Radar Environmental Simulators 

Our solutions provide simulated RF returns that exercise active radar sensors including fire control, surveillance, guidance, and imaging. They are especially adept at testing AESA radars. Our radar environmental simulators are scalable and supported by the largest library of techniques that exercise the latest radar, EW and SIGINT systems in the lab and field.


Featured Products 


  • 3U OpenVPX blade
  • Intel Xeon-D powered
  • Gen3 PCIe XMC card support


  • 6U OpenVPX blade
  • Dual Intel Xeon-E5 processors
  • Most processing density

Ensemble 6000 Series

  • 6U OpenVPX
  • GPGPU accelerator
  • NVIDIA Pascal or Maxwell powered

Military-grade SSDs 


  • Most secure & rugged
  • Standard & small form-factors
  • FIPS 140-2 & CSfC


OpenRFM as a new model in building modular, interoperable and affordable solutions within EW, EA and SIGINT.

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We have been developing and manufacturing secure processing solutions since 2010, in order to meet the growing needs of our customers in this domain. We believe there is a gap within the defense community for reliable providers of secure, scalable and affordable subsystems that can support critical programs.

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As platforms become smarter and their missions more complex, on-board processing has to evolve from today's current federated approach to an efficient holistic digitally converged approach. This white paper describes how.

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In an increasingly complex and globalized world supply chains have become vulnerable. This white paper describes next generation defense manufacturing and how it helps prime contracts to differentiate themselves.

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In the past Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) was a challenge for embedded systems. This white paper studies STAP processing approaches, using Xeon D and E processors for comparison.

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